Bram Wijnands

Sunday, oct. 2:

Special concert at Country Club Congregational, 205 west 65th Street, KCMO at 6:30 pm
Alla Wijnands - violin, Bram Wijnands - piano
Special guest: Irina Morozova - piano

Every friday and saturday night at the Majestic Restaurant 7-11 pm.
Special guest on oct. 8: Laura Glaeser - vocals
John Blegen (clarinet) on oct. 14, 15, 22, 28, 29
Barry Springer (cornet/ flugelhorn) on oct. 7, 21, 22
Drummers this month: Pat Adams, Jurgen Welge, Matt Leifer
Saturday and Sunday afternoons, 3-5 pm at KCBIER, 310 west 79th Street, KCMO (except oct. 2)

Thursday evening, oct. 13:
7 pm. Concert with John Blegen for the Kansas City Ragtime Revelry
at First Baptist Church, 100 west Red Bridge Road, KCMO

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