Bram Wijnands


The Trio.

The present Trio in Holland now features Jos Machtel or Hein Kalter on bass and Remco van Schaik on drums.

In Kansas City there are actually two trios: One with piano, bass and drums and one with piano, a horn (sax, trombone or trumpet) and drums.

The Trio was originally formed in Holland in 1989 as the Bram Wijnands Trio featuring Jurgen Welge on drums and Joris Teepe on bass and later Jos Machtel on bass.


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Bram Wijnands And His Majestic Seven

This band was formed by Bram to play Kansas City Swing and other Swing styles.

The arrangements are all written by Bram Wijnands and the band also features his original work.

Some of this music was featured in Jazz at Lincoln Center while collaborating with Lucky Wesley and Bobby Watson in Sept. of 2005 during a program on Kansas City Jazz hosted by Wynton Marsalis.

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Bram Wijnands has been working with Violinist Gregory Sandomirsky. Their first big project was with puppeteer Paul Mesner. Bram and Gregory made their own jazzed up arrangement for piano and violin of 'The Four Seasons' by Antonio Vivaldi. This became concert material in itself and is used as the accompaniment for Paul Mesner's puppet ballet. Bram is now also  continuously working on new repertoire with Alla Wijnands-Goryainova on violin. 

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